Type Portrait

Typographic Portrait for the typeface Chalet Comprimé

My concept was to present the typeface in a way which stays true to the origins of its modernist ideals, but captures the spirit of the way it was unveiled to the type world. Chalet Comprimé is geometric but classy and elegant. It borrowed heavily from modernist types, but still manages to be innovative. It is cheeky but has enough substance to be taken seriously.

Concept, Layout, Design

“In 1996, the type foundry House Industries released Chalet, a modern typeface in the Swiss style designed by the legendary fashion-turned-type designer René Albert Chalet. The typeface was said to have been designed 13 years before Helvetica. It turned out, however, that Mr. Chalet was a fictional character created by Andy Cruz and Ken Barber. In response to the revival of modern design that began to take shape during the late 90s, the creation of this fantasy designer not only exploited the movement but explicitly mocked designers’ ignorance and tendency to romanticize a typeface’s history (VanderLans)…”