FIT MIX – Fitness App Design

fitmix_appiconA fitness app which enables the user to create an exercise mix consisting of random combinations of short exercises for a quick, high-intensity work out. Mix feature allows user to always create a unique routine for maximum results.

During my research, I discovered that a large portion of active people have no workout plan, no clear routine, lack in motivation and often get bored with the current task.

The goal of this app is to provide a platform where the user can discover exercises that are rapid and stimulating, letting them build up an exercise plan quickly. The user is able to easily mix up different sequences to keep interest and motivation high.

A lightweight sans serif typeface is used for its leanness and sleek/clean nature. Gray tones with splashes of bright color convey energy and highlight information. Popups provide ease of use and less navigation for better utilization while being active.

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