Embracing Our Shadows: Stories to Stand Tall For

A collection of writings by students in the Women’s 20 course at City College of San Francisco. Our concept was to encapsulate the title and translate it onto each page. Upward movement & vertical lines — intersecting at times, played an integral part in connecting each story to the overall theme. These details framed an uplifting portrayal of the stories and photos provided by the students.

Excerpt from the book:

All of our stories represent the feminist theory of “intersectionality” which can give pause and stop bullying, hating on, and stereotypes. We see the whole person, their humanity and how time and space or context shapes how we relate to each other, how our body’s presence in social, political, historical and economic locations are scripted by the mainstream and dominant culture and/or regime.

Intersections are street crossings. When we let people know where we are, we inform them “at [the intersection of] Mission and 24th Streets”. Our identities also criss-cross or intersect depending on time and space or where and when we are/be.

In the Mission District of San Francisco, where the above intersection is located, many identities cross, between Noe Valley and Inner Mission, yuppies, first generation immigrants from Mexico, Central and South Americas, the working poor and now in 2013 the Dot Comers including the very wealthy. Besides pedestrians, bicycles, and cars, anonymous buses cross intersections carrying workers from the Silicon Valley.

Client: CCSF Women's Studies