AnyRoad Marketplace – Rebrand / Redesign

Rebrand and Redesign of AnyRoad’s Tour Marketplace and Booking Platform.

At the time, AnyRoad partnered with established tour guides and small companies to bring their businesses online. They provided access to a set of tools to manage bookings and a consumer-facing marketplace. We needed to modernize the experience, in a market where digital travel-based commerce was moving quickly.

I worked with the Head of UX to update the marketplace and checkout experience. We re-designed the interface, incorporated new branding and improved the user experience flow.


More about the re-branding process:
We worked with a design studio to rebrand AnyRoad, specifically the logo and positioning/messaging.
We wanted to:
1.  Communicate the values of the AnyRoad brand:
Responsive, Unconventional, Curated and Dynamic.
2.  Differentiate AnyRoad from the competition:
AnyRoad offers a unique and curated inventory of tours not available anywhere else (95% don’t exist elsewhere), with professional, vetted guides that are local experts. Safe and secure, AnyRoad’s tours are supported by a money-back guarantee. In addition, 5.5% of profits are donated to non-profit organizations.

Positioning statement:
For modern day explorers at home or abroad, AnyRoad redefines tours by blazing the trail to exceptional experiences.

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